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I cannot guarantee your monetary success by using or promoting these products, or from joining my business opportunities.

The success of myself and other team members are not considered to be average, but exceptional, and dependent upon the amount of work put into our businesses.


Don’t use the stories presented on this site as an indication of your future success or results.  Though these stories are true, monetary and income results are based on many factors.

I know nothing about you, your character, your work ethic, your online marketing skills or your mindset. This makes it impossible to predict how well you might do with your online business.

Making decisions based on any information presented here should be done only with the knowledge that you could experience significant losses, or make no money at all. Only use money you can afford to lose.

Hard work is always a prerequisite to success in business and life, in general.

Consider the information presented within this site to be for entertainment and motivational purposes only.

Please consult your accountant, lawyer or professional adviser before acting on this information.


I will not be held liable for any losses endured on your behalf.

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