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Welcome to my Herbalife Reviews!

I’m glad you’re here, because it means you’re proactive and like to do your research before jumping into new business ventures.

And I have good news for you. I wrote this comprehensive Herbalife Reviews because people just like you want UNBIASED information. Just the facts and nothing more.

My opinion is 100% unbiased, because I’m neither a health and nutrition guru, nor an affiliate of the company.

Here I’ll be outlining all the information you need to know to make that crucial decision about joining Herbalife or not. I’ll be covering the company, their products and compensation plan.

So let’s get to it!

I’ll start first with an overview of the company.

Herbalife Reviews – The Company

Website: www.herbalife.com

Herbalife Reviews

Herbalife has been around for many years, therefore most people have heard of the brand already.

Herbalife launched in Los Angeles back in 1980 by Mark Hughes who began by selling health and nutrition products. The company has since expanded to become a global brand available in over 90 countries.

Unfortunately, Mark Hughes passed away in 2,000 at quite a young age. But the company has continued to grow past his presence, and now has over 2 million affiliates worldwide.

Next, I’ll be covering the brand’s product line.

Herbalife Reviews – The Products

herbalife products


Herbalife offers a variety of products featuring benefits such as:

  • Weight management
  • Energy boosters
  • Supplements
  • Targeted nutrition, and
  • Personal care

Core Product Line

The Core Product line is aimed at maximizing a customer’s health and fitness goals.

Includes 3 distinct formulas:

  1. 1st Formula delivered in a shake as a healthy meal substitute.
  2. 2nd Formula is a multivitamin pill, and
  3. 3rd Formula is a cell activating pill.

Pricing ranges from $24 to $40.

Weight Management

The Herbalife Weight Management product line is said to combine cutting-edge science with delicious food and snacks.

This product line includes Formula 1 from the Core Product line in a shake form plus a variety of meal replacement shakes, protein shakes, enhancers and healthy snacks. It even includes soups, bars and beverages.

Pricing is between $13 and $63.

The above items are also offered in packages for beginners and advanced customers alike.

The price of a 3 day starter trial pack starts from $12 rising to over $220 for an all inclusive package of Weight Management products.

Specialized Nutrition

This product line offers the right balance of essential nutrients specialized in heart health, aging, digestive system, immune system, and stress management. The Specialized Nutrition line covers all bases with targeted products for all stages of life, for men, women and children.

Most of these products are delivered in powder or pill form, ranging from $13 to $112.

Energy & Fitness

The Herbalife Energy & Fitness product line is specifically geared toward athletes or the occasional sports enthusiast. Delivering key nutrients for faster recovery up to 24 hours after athletic performance.

Prices range from $18 to $85 for a series of powders, pills and shakes.

Skin & Hair Care

The Herbalife outer nutrition products offer the balance of nutrients required to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance.

The line includes cleansers, moisturizers and masks for all skin types, plus special shampoos and conditioners.

Prices begin at $7, and rise to $70 for a single item. Or a complete package of outer products will cost $240.

You may find more information about the Herbalife products in their product catalog here.

Now, let´s take a look at how members are compensated in this business opportunity.

Herbalife Compensation Plan

In typical multi level marketing (MLM) fashion, Herbalife members make money by selling the products and recruiting other members.

Their members are knows as “distributors”. The more distributors that are under your belt selling the Herbalife products and recruiting their own distributors, the more money you make.

Ways To Earn

The compensation plan allows earning through 7 different income streams, including:

  1. Retail commissions
  2. Wholesale commissions
  3. Royalties / Royalty roll-ups
  4. Production bonus
  5. Cash promotions
  6. Paid vacations, and
  7. Mark Hughes bonus – A recruiting reward

Herbalife Ranks

These income streams are not accessible to all, because it depends on the distributor’s rank:

  • Member
  • Senior Consultant
  • Success Builder
  • Qualified Producer
  • Supervisor
  • World Team
  • Global Expansion Team
  • Millionaire Team
  • President’s Team
  • Chairman’s Club
  • Founder’s Circle

Each new member starts off as a Herbalife Distributor who is able to earn 25% retail profit by selling Herbalife products. Once the Distributor reaches certain volume points in sales they will advance to the next rank.

The real payoff comes once the member reaches Supervisor level.

Here is a video that describes the compensation plan in detail.


You can become a member through purchasing any of the following 2 options:

  1.  The Full Herbalife Member Pack – full-sized products ($92.25)
  2.  The Mini Herbalife Member Pack – sample-sized products ($59.50)

That concludes my review of the Herbalife compensation plan. Read on to hear my overall conclusion and recommendation.

My Herbalife Reviews Conclusion

There’s a good reason why Herbalife has been around for over 3 decades.

Herbalife products have received good reviews from consumers, and have made some distributors very good money.

However, everyone is different and bodies react differently to health and nutrition type products. The only way to know the true effectiveness and validity of the claims is to try it out for yourself.

In summary, the Herbalife compensation structure works mostly to benefit those at the very top of the pyramid. The compensation structure is quite complicated. It allows member to make real money only by recruiting other distributors, who can really only make money by recruiting their own downline and so on.

Overall if you’re good at recruiting and sponsoring people, then you will be able to make money with Herbalife. Otherwise, the product sales alone isn’t very profitable.

And that concludes my Herbalife Reviews. I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts on this, so please drop me a line.


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