12 Simple Ways to Getting More Clicks In Your Emails

 In Yannick van den Bos

Getting More Clicks In Your Emails

So you are not getting enough clicks from your email campaigns and need to fix the issue.

Well here is a good news, you are not alone who is getting a low CTR in emails.

A study conducted by MailChimp showed that the industry average CTR for emails is 3%.

However, click through rates vary from industry to industry but if you have email CTR less than 3%, you definitely have to get things right.

There are certain things that you can do to get more clicks in your emails.

#1 – Call to Action

Do you clearly state in your emails what action you want your readers to take after reading the email?

If not, you need to add a clear call to action.


Most of the people don’t know whether they have to click on the link or not so the thing is, tell them to click on the link for more information or something similar.

A link without a proper CTA is useless.

So next time when you send out an email, tell your subscribers to click on the link.

#2 – Create Curiosity

Instead of sharing entire story in the email, if you create curiosity by keeping things hidden, it will increase click through rate.

A good way is to tell half of the story and then add a link “click here to continue reading”, and see how it works for you.

#3 – Use P.S. Smartly

PS section of your email can generate a lot of clicks if used smartly.

You need to come up with something really interesting in the P.S. section of your email with clear call to action.

#4 – Ask Questions

Here is a great way to get more clicks in your emails.

Ask questions in the email copy. Questions must be interesting and must match to the interest of the subscriber and must also link to the email copy.

Don’t provide answers in the email copy rather tell them to click on the link to find the answers.

This is easy if you know how to generate questions that will compel readers to click on the link.

#5 – Establish Trust

If your subscribers trust you, they will click the links in your emails without you have to beg them for it.

Developing trust isn’t easy. It needs time – a lot of time.

If you always share premium quality content with your subscribers, and you promote products that are best, they will eventually start trusting you.

#6 – Talk to Them

Instead of sharing random stories, you should use ‘you’ in the email copy.

Use of ‘you’ makes it easy for the subscribers to relate to the story and this is why they are most likely to click on the links.

Always talk about them and not about other people. If you have to share a story, make sure that your subscribers are a part of that story, else it won’t work.

#7 – Deliver Value

Instead of selling affiliate products and adding affiliate links in every email that you send out, you should aim for delivering value.

You need to ensure to your subscribers that you are not trying to sell things to them rather you are trying to help fix their problems. Share articles, content, infographics, videos etc. so that they know that you are there to help.

As soon as you start delivering value, you will see a significant increase in clicks.

#8 – Avoid Sending Too Many Emails

If you send a lot of emails to your list, they will not bother them much.

Generally, it is considered good to send two emails every week. Most of the industry experts send two emails a week to their email list and have found that it works best.

#9 – Send Relevant Emails

When sending emails to your subscribers, you just cannot send a single email to all the lists.

You should create different lists of subscribers based on their interests and needs.

You should create segments of subscribers so as to pitch them exactly what they want.

Sending irrelevant emails doesn’t work and it will badly impact CTR.

For instance, if a subscriber has opted for monthly newsletter, sending this subscriber monthly newsletter should be your top priority.

#10 – Mobile Friendly Emails

More than 80 percent of the internet users use internet on their phones and tablets.

If your emails aren’t optimized for mobile and tablets, how can you expect a high CTR?

When your email is not mobile friendly, those viewing it in their mobiles won’t be able to see the entire email and might be unable to see links that you want them to click onto.

#11 – Killer Copy

Email copy has to be an exceptional one. You just cannot expect a traditional email copy to get more clicks in your emails.

Email copy should be persuasive and it should create an urgency else readers will not bother clicking the links.

#12 – A/B Testing

Last but not the least, testing is a must part of the game.

At times, it is just a single sentence or phrase that doubles the CTR.

You never know what might work therefore keep on testing.

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