Guess Who is Back From Sevilla

¡Hola, mis amigos!, ¿que pasa? I had such a GREAT time in Sevilla (and Cordoba), and already missing the great weather, the culture and all the lovely people out there. I met a lot of great [...]


Quick Update: My Trip To Spain + Some Extras..

Few hours left, till my flight to Spain. I am so excited since this trip will be all about improving my Spanish language. I have been to Barcelona and Madrid before, but never to Sevilla and...


2009 Is Almost Over… Happy New Year!

1 Hour left, here in the Netherlands, till 2010! I had a great year, met a lot of great people and learned a lot of new things within the marketing world, but also on fields like socializing, [...]


Ho ho ho… Merry Christmas

Hiya Everyone, if you followed my twitter lately you saw that I had some lovely days. A lot of fun, nice dinners and much love. I have had great gifts from family and friends; and I am very [...]


New Year, New Start & New Directions

For the last year I used to market myself with the name: "Yannick Joel", this because it's easier to remember and to brand myself with. Yannick is my real first name and Joel for the ones that [...]

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