12 Things You Should Let Go To Be Successful

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to be successful

If, after trying everything in this world, you are still unable to get that success which you have dreamed of, and you are still unable to get that breakthrough in your life, you need to give up a few things.

In order to maintain the equilibrium, it is necessary to give up a few things to be successful.

Letting go and giving up seems to be one of the hardest things to do in life but it is a part of the game. If you are at the end of it, you have to learn letting go things.

Some of the things you should let go to be successful are discussed below.

No More Future

You need to let go your future. You should stop living in your future. You need to stop living in dreams.

Rather you need to live in the present.

The problem isn’t the dreams that you have neither it is about planning and forecasting the future but the problem is living in those dreams and living in the future.

You have to live in the present, and try to take actions that will lead to desired future.

You live the present and whatever you do today – at this very moment will impact your future. So why not take actions that impact your future than just thinking about it?

Your Attitude

We all have this attitude problem. To be successful, we have to get rid of this attitude issue.

Instead we need to get it right.

You have to change the way you perceive. You need to change the way you react.

The idea is to be optimistic and be consistent with what you are doing – no matter what people say.

Shiny Object Syndrome

There is no shortcut to success. We have this bad habit of running after shinny objects. This is one of the major hurdles that keeps distracting you from your main goal.

Every shiny object that you see and every shortcut that you try pushes you away from success.

Constant Learning

There is learning in everything whether someone criticizes you or if people tell you that you cannot do it.

If you don’t have an attitude issue, you will find a lot of learning from criticism. Every person that tries to push you to the wall has a reason to do so. There must be a logic and you need to get to that logic.

If you develop the habit of learning from criticism, you can do wonders.

Seek Help

One of the major hurdles happens to be the fact that we don’t like taking help from others, even from experts.

You should get help from every possible source. Asking for help will not make you weak or incompetent in your field rather it shows how determined you are. It shows that you have the courage to ask people all the things that you don’t know.

Jack of all Trades

You need to admit it that you don’t know everything. You cannot be an expert in everything that you do.

You need to let go considering yourself as an expert. The moment you stop asking for help and the moment you start considering yourself an expert in what you do, that’s the moment when you push yourself away from success.

Take Risk

Every successful person in this world took huge risk at one point in time in his/her life.

You should be willing to take risk and you should be prepared for all the things you should let go to be successful. If you don’t have this ability to take risk, you are not in a position to be successful.

Give up Fear

Fear is your biggest enemy. It is your fear that keeps distracting you.

Getting rid of in-built fear isn’t easy because we, human beings, are tuned in a way that we fear from so many things including unseen things. The fear of unseen is the most dangerous and should be get rid of immediately.

Give up Luck

Stop waiting for your luck to turn the tables. Luck is designed and made by the individual himself. You need to prepare yourself for everything.

Luck can give you an opportunity but to seek benefit from the opportunity, you need to do all the hard work. It is your passion and motivation that drives the luck – luck doesn’t and shouldn’t drive you and your plans.

You Are Not Perfect

Consider yourself a normal human being if you want to be successful. Those who consider themselves above-average, perfect and smart are actually the ones that never see success.

When you realize that you are not perfect, you start learning new things. It is learning that makes you perfect and better equipped for handling success.


You need to give up everything that kills or tries to kill your hope. Hope is something that is an absolute must for success.

Play Big

Give up playing small. It is our fear of unseen and fear of uncertainty that stops use from playing big. As a result, we keep on playing at a very small level.

To be successful, you need to play big. You should give up playing small so as to get closer to success.

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