Yannick van den Bos

Also known as Mr. Bos

Yannick van den Bos is an internationally recognized digital marketing expert from the Netherlands. He generated seven figures in sales by selling digital and physical products on the Internet, all while in his 20’s.

He got started in 2008 when he saw his single mother working 12 hour days holding down multiple jobs just to make ends meet.

Several years later when Yannick finally ‘cracked the code’ and started to make an online income on demand he paid off all his mother’s debt.

Today Yannick van den Bos is a highly sought after digital marketing trainer and speaks on stages all over the world.

He dedicates his time to coaching people on how they can build a profitable online business so they can finally have the certainty and peace of mind that they and their loved ones can live life on their own terms.

yannick van den bos


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good words. good people.

  • Yannick is one of the most versatile and knowledgeable people I've known on the internet. His grasp on social networking and of the technical details are amazing. Every time I interacted with him whether he was assisting me or teaching someone else as I was watching, he was always right on and totally professional. I would recommend his services to anyone.

    Sandy Abrams
  • Yannick is an incredible Leader and Coach who has taken his extensive success in the Internet Marketing world and achieved tremendous results. I have worked directly with Yannick on several occasions and would encourage anyone who is looking to run a successful business online to get in touch with him.

    Carol Mortarotti
  • Yannick is very passionate about online marketing and an expert in social media. He has helped me in setting up an international social media policy for Hamilton Bright. I would highly recommend him, not only because of his expertise but also for his motivated and flexible working attitude.

    Samantha Wolfslag

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