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Yannick van den Bos

…and I’d like to personally welcome you on my website. Here you will find the resources and training on how to make money online.

Let’s face the facts. A job is no fun. And I never liked the idea of working a 9 to 5 job for 50 years. That’s just not for me. I rather spend my time with family and friends on the tropical beaches of the world.

If you are tired of bills chasing, red bank account and want a better life for you and your loved ones then I can certainly help you achieve financial freedom.

Internet Business Coach

“I teach ordinary people how to generate an extraordinary income using the Internet – in other words – how to make money online”

Social Media Consultant

“I teach businesses, music artists and brands how to successfully increase their brand awareness online using Social Media”


“I speak to inspire, educate and empower people of all walks of life – all over the world – so they can achieve to live in their full potential while enjoying time and financial freedom”


“I travel the world to explore new lands, create lasting relationships, experience new cultures and to learn new things”


“I’m Taking 20 People to 20K a MonthWith OR Without YOU!

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Can You Actually Make Money Doing Surveys

Can you actually make money doing surveys online? Online surveys seem to be a very good money making opportunity for people that are wanting to make an extra income. But is this something legit? Is it really possible to get paid for sharing your opinion? To put things straight, let me tell you that YES – it’s possible! There is nothing as can you actually make money doing surveys because you CAN make money doing surveys. Period. Can You Actually Make Money Doing Surveys? If Yes, How? Yes you can. And here is how. Let’s dig a bit deeper into this getting paid via surveys thing. There are market research companies or survey companies out there that conduct market research for businesses. Since a survey is the easiest way to collect data therefore these research companies gather data from respondents via surveys (mostly). By the way, these research companies also conduct interviews, focus groups and telephone interviews with the respondents. But since these are expensive data collection methods therefore surveys are of prime importance. In order to collect data or to get your opinion, these research companies need you. To ensure that respondents provide correct information (which is of critical importance) these research companies pay you for your time and for sharing your opinion with honesty. This is absolutely legal to pay respondents. This is how it works. When you have to make money by doing surveys, you have to register with these market research companies via their websites. Once you register with a research company, you have to update your information. They will notify you as soon as there is a...

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