Evolution of Music and Business

Here in The Netherlands it’s a sunny Friday morning; blue sky, birds singing, sunny with a little breeze. While I was performing my daily routines I came across this awesome video of really talented and musical lads and girl.

They are performing a medley of their favorite songs throughout history:

While I was watching this video I was thinking about the Evolution of Business…

Myself I got started in April 2008, so this is my 5th year online (OH YEAH!). Web 2.0 was not big as it is now, but it has a decent buzz back then.

Marketers like myself jumped on the bandwagon to market their home based business through Web 2.0, it was pretty sick to see all the creative ideas.

Now Web 2.0 is all over the place, you can find tons and tons of articles and videos on how to promote your home based business through Web 2.0.

I’m still cashing in on some untaped Web 2.0 traffic sources, and I will always be on the lookout for the next big thing to keep ahead of the game.

What do you think will be the next hype online?

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  1. Very talented 🙂
    Nice catching up with you today, friend!


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